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Cyclamen & Pine Needles

Cyclamen & Pine Needles from reality on Vimeo.

Sunday Inspiration – Maya Lin

Sunday Inspiration

This Sunday morning I read an article in the New York Times on an amazing and talented artist/architect.

Her name is Maya Lin.
An Asian American women who started out designing and building monuments.
The article left me wanting to find out more about Maya.

Maya developed a passion for both art and architecture and refused to decide to specialize in one or the other and by doing this she defied the rules.
Most people told her it would not work to her benefit and that she was making a grave mistake by not choosing Art /verses/ Architecture.

Now Maya spends equal amounts of time creating both, in fact, she has taken it a step further by implementing an environmentally conscience mind to the equation.

Maya Lin, an amazing woman, environmentalist & Art-chitect!

I hope she inspires you as well.

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