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Cyclamen & Pine Needles

Cyclamen & Pine Needles from reality on Vimeo.

Copper Canyon Daisy

Tagetes Lemmonii:

Genus: tagetes (Tag-e-Teez)
Species :Lemmonii (Lem-on-eye)

This wonderfully fragrant perennial is hardy in zones 8-10 . A Fall bloomer that loves the sun and requires little water. A great choice for low maintenance “Zero-Scapes”, attracts butterflies and is well suited for hill country and habitat themed gardens.

Easy to sculpt if out of control, just make sure you trim it in the early spring so it has plenty of time to produce the fall blooms.

If you have an issue of Deer eating your plants, this one is considered a Deer Repellent. Copper Canyon Daisy is one of my favorites this time of year.

Gardening with Children

What a wonderful day it was.
Thanks to Jennifer McClure and Carla Gwinn at the St. Marks Methodist Church Children’s Development Center, I was able to spend time with two groups of 4 and 5 year old children.

I had the honor to teach & install a Butterfly Garden with 31 children.

We planted a variety of color and butterfly attracting specimens.

The looks on the faces of this bunch of wonderful bright spirits was priceless.

This garden was in honor of Ms. Rose.

Thank you again Jennifer and Carla.

Templet Project

Here is the Templet project after a spruce up for the season.

This property faces East and can handle full sun or partial shade.
The palms are Dwarf Pygmy Dates and will not stay small forever but will look great for a very long time.
We will transplant them later when we are ready for a change.

Decorative Cabbage and Kale are wonderful accents for the cooler weather.
We also added some Sweet Alyssum for some white.
This is newly installed but will fill out the space quickly and will look even better in a couple weeks!

Dark green, gray, dark purple, silvery green and white are the color elements we used here.
A good combination.

Another amazing day!!!!

This day was amazing. The weather was great and I finalized a design for a client.
The design addresses the clients need for peace and calm with attention to texture and habitat attracting material.( The Wakasey Project)I will take before and after shots later. Having a little soup for dinner and watching CNBC.

Enjoy yourself!

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