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Gardening with Children

What a wonderful day it was.
Thanks to Jennifer McClure and Carla Gwinn at the St. Marks Methodist Church Children’s Development Center, I was able to spend time with two groups of 4 and 5 year old children.

I had the honor to teach & install a Butterfly Garden with 31 children.

We planted a variety of color and butterfly attracting specimens.

The looks on the faces of this bunch of wonderful bright spirits was priceless.

This garden was in honor of Ms. Rose.

Thank you again Jennifer and Carla.

The perfect time to plant !!!!!

is almost here and the weather has been perfect for landscaping and gardening.
You can plant most anything you would in the Spring, just remember deciduous varieties will lose foliage around this time and until the last frost in late February.
Be aware of cold sensitive varieties like Gingers,many tropicals & decorative grasses will go dormant.
Feel free to ask me about anything you are not sure of.
The Fall season is actually better for planting in Houston, since it gets so hot in the Summer here. The plantings have more opportunity to develop a good strong root system before the extreme heat sets in.
Varieties of Roses, Azaleas, Camellias, Junipers and many herbs & veggies love cooler weather.

Get out and have some fun!

Happy Gardening!

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