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Got Water?????

Got Water????

Are you concerned about your lawn or landscaping with this drought?

Now would be a great time to install a custom irrigation system and protect your investment.

We are experiencing unusual heat this season and Leyendecker Landscape can help.

By designing a watering system to suit your needs, you can actually save money on your water bill and conserve water.

Whether it be your lawn, flowerbeds, or adding drip lines to containers and hanging baskets.

Watering by hand can be inconsistent and it is hard to keep track of how much water you actually use.

Automatic timer systems will allow you to track water usage, resulting in; conservation of water.

From my experience as a Landscape Designer, landscapes will do better and thrive when watered on a consistent basis, only 10-20 minutes a day, however many days a week. Depending on your landscape needs.

Investing in your home or business is a good thing.

The Bluebonnets have arrived.

Did you know that there are 5 different varieties of Bluebonnets or Lupinus Subcarnosus???

The Bluebonnet became our lovely state flower in march of 1901. Other varieties include Lupinus Texensis, Lupinus Havardii, Lupinus Concinnus, Lupinus Plattensis.

Something else people don’t realize is that the best time to plant Bluebonnets is in September and October.

This allows the root system to fully develop through winter & then surprise us with outstanding color in March, April and even May.

Many of the Spring blooming wild flowers follow the same rule and germinate in the Fall for that burst of Spring color.


McFalls Project

Here is my latest project. The Client and I went for a New Orleans theme for this small space. The fountain really sets the tone for this garden.

What a difference a new driveway makes.

This is a project we finished last week & it only took us 2 full days. What a difference it makes.

This is a 4 step process:

  1. Grade the area first. The area must be graded in a sloped way so that the water runs off naturally.
  2. Place and install a natural stone border. (Ledgestone in this case)
  3. Adding a Limestone Flexbase then compacting the Flexbase down so it creates a hard but level surface. By adding the appropriate amount of water the Flexbase will mold and grade properly.
  4. Finally add your chosen gravel. Here we used Blackstar Gravel to compliment the stone.

This is a simple way to improve your property while adding value. That sounds like a good investment to me!

All my best – portia

For more information or if you have any landscape needs – please call me! 713-426-0649

It all starts with your soil!!!

Now is the time to get your soil conditioned for Spring!

Compost! Compost! Compost! (available at most nursery outlets)

The key here is to increase the amount of soil bio-activity that you have. By adding at least 1-2″ of good clean compost twice a year (once in the Spring and once in the Fall) you will increase the amount of trace elements which generate and feed soil building living microbes. This is a great way to condition Houston’s notorious clay soil.

If you have compaction (when your soil seems to be rock hard) issues, usually caused by overly chemically fertilized lawns. Basically killing the living microbes within your soil.

Try adding 1/2″ to 1″ of compost in addition to a generous sprinkling of gypsum. The Gypsum speeds up the process of breaking down the hard clay, improving the soil structure and allowing more absorption of moisture and vital nutrients.

We dig dirt!

all my best, Portia

If you have any questions call me at 713.426.0649 or e-mail at portia@leyendeckerlandscape.com

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