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Every Landscape has different needs.

This has been a project of many elements.

The focus here was to update this already charming, original 1950′s Mid-Century Modern house.

Our Client, Dr. Smith,  considered adding a swimming pool in the back. Since they start at $20K +  we decided to go with a  simple water feature for now.

We determined a budget Dr. Smith felt comfortable with, which allowed for Leyendecker Landscape to design and implement this outdoor living space. At the same time we installed the necessary elements that would stay true and complement  the style of this mid-century modern home.

We started with the demolition of the old pebbled patio and added a new concrete patio with a large geometric pattern. We wanted something simple yet classic with a modern feel. Something that would hold up for years to come. The Modern Saw Cut pattern makes this patio.

To add warmth, we acquired (2) 6′  Nelson Benches in American Walnut.  These are  from the Mid-Century Modern era.

To accent the patio we decided on a 42″ tall gray ridged urn fountain with a 30″diameter basin.

The fountain is strategically placed in perfect view from the main living room inside the house and placed in-between the two Nelson benches.

A BBQ grill and a set of patio furniture is the next step to make this space perfect for entertaining friends and family.

Next:  We added the landscape plantings and low voltage lighting.

Leyendecker Landscape and Dr. Smith decided on simple plantings that would attract a variety of birds and butterflies. With two existing bird houses, we installed some native Yaupon Holly.  This would offer protection and a safe haven for the birds.

Along with:

*Dwarf Pomegranate  (punica granatum ‘nana’)

*Red Firespike (odontonema strictum)

*Coral Fountain Plant (russelia equisetiformis)

*Mexican Bush Sage (salvia leucantha)

*Pams Pink Turks Cap (malvaviscus ssp.)

In addition:

*Red Ruby Grass

*Yellow Lantana

*Dwarf Heart-leafed Hibiscus

*”Deep Red Graffiti” Penta

*Mexican Sedum and a Shirley Temple hibiscus for texture, color and to attract butterflies.

To help repel mosquitoes and plant eating pests, we added some Dominican Oregano and Mexican Mint Marigold. This offers fragrance in addition to fresh herbs easily accessible from the kitchen.

This landscape will fill out very nicely in 6 months to 1  year and will allow for different levels of texture. Simple and low maintenance.

I recommend adding mulch, organic fertilizer and lightly prune and trim these plantings every 6 months.

Not every project is perfect and goes without a kink or two. In this case, we were dealing with a old house and a outdoor electric source that was not functional. We called in Mike the electrician to come and run all new electrical and installed a new junction box to support the fountain and outdoor lighting.

These things happen but Leyendecker Landscape’s team will trouble shoot and implement a solution to any problem. Many thanks to Mike The electrician,  Mark for the concrete & William for the carpentry.

Sometimes it takes a village and we take for granted all that goes into a project. The team of  Leyendecker Landscape will create a landscape from the design concept to implementation from small scale to large scale.

We do it all!

This project, is a great improvement for Dr. Smith and if he decides later to install a swimming pool,  it will only enhance this wonderful outdoor living space.

VonBaden House

This is a great example of someone doing their part to make a big difference.

This landscape not only helps cool off the environment, it is a safe haven to vast amounts of Birds and Butterflies, while attracting  bees which is a great thing.  Not to fail to mention the amount of oxygen this amazing Eco-Habitat generates.

For the exception of some occasional maintenance,  Good Irrigation and Organic Methods for fertilization.  This native landscape is truly self-sustaining .

Looking at it, you would never believe we are suffering a tremendous drought. Considering  other landscapes in the city, this one is on the right track.

Key points to Remember: Occasional Maintenance, Water & Organic Fertilization.

My hat is off to Lanna & Greg Von Baden.
This Houston Heights  property deserves an award.

Got Water?????

Got Water????

Are you concerned about your lawn or landscaping with this drought?

Now would be a great time to install a custom irrigation system and protect your investment.

We are experiencing unusual heat this season and Leyendecker Landscape can help.

By designing a watering system to suit your needs, you can actually save money on your water bill and conserve water.

Whether it be your lawn, flowerbeds, or adding drip lines to containers and hanging baskets.

Watering by hand can be inconsistent and it is hard to keep track of how much water you actually use.

Automatic timer systems will allow you to track water usage, resulting in; conservation of water.

From my experience as a Landscape Designer, landscapes will do better and thrive when watered on a consistent basis, only 10-20 minutes a day, however many days a week. Depending on your landscape needs.

Investing in your home or business is a good thing.

Skaufel Project

I am very proud to show you the results of a project not long in the making.

This is a great example of how you can implement a pool

& deck area into a small space.

The Skaufels now have a backyard getaway just steps from their

family room.

This project took 5 weeks from start to finish.

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