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Looking for something drought tolerant?



Bulbine Frutescens” Orange” African Bulbine

A native to the desert grasslands in South Africa.
This plant will grow well in poor or good soil quality.
Bulbine does best in full sun and prefers good drainage.
A succulent that produces star shaped yellow and orange flowers throughout the summer months.

Dead head the spent flowers to promote new growth.

This water wise perennial is known for it’s healing properties,it has a jelly like substance that is good for burns, rashes, blisters, insect bites, cracked lips, acne, scrapes and the stems can be boiled to make a tea for coughs, colds and even arthritis.

It all starts with your soil!!!

Now is the time to get your soil conditioned for Spring!

Compost! Compost! Compost! (available at most nursery outlets)

The key here is to increase the amount of soil bio-activity that you have. By adding at least 1-2″ of good clean compost twice a year (once in the Spring and once in the Fall) you will increase the amount of trace elements which generate and feed soil building living microbes. This is a great way to condition Houston’s notorious clay soil.

If you have compaction (when your soil seems to be rock hard) issues, usually caused by overly chemically fertilized lawns. Basically killing the living microbes within your soil.

Try adding 1/2″ to 1″ of compost in addition to a generous sprinkling of gypsum. The Gypsum speeds up the process of breaking down the hard clay, improving the soil structure and allowing more absorption of moisture and vital nutrients.

We dig dirt!

all my best, Portia

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